Creating and promoting the culture of SkySlope for both current and prospective employees. People and Experiences focuses on the people aspect of SkySlope. Everything from recruiting candidates to taking care of them throughout their lifecycle, P/E creates an environment for employees to thrive.

Average cups of coffee and energy drinks consumed at SkySlope each week (unlimited caffeine provided by P/E)




“We are not your typical HR team. There’s a lot of stigma surrounding HR, ya know, like Toby from The Office. The old school HR was all about following rules and having policies that didn’t make any sense. For us, we are really trying to be innovative and come up with ways that we can spend less of our time on the administrative aspects of what we do and spend more time on the people aspect.”



“I don’t spend as much time focusing on candidates as I do building relationships internally. Every day I’m communicating with someone from each department. In HR, not only do you need to understand company culture but you need to understand the micro-culture of each department. When you have a good sense of what makes a company tick, you can help the company grow and make real change.”

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