Learning everything about the client in order to create a customized experience from the ground up. Customer Success takes a hands-on approach to training brokers, admins and agents while developing personal relationships with account holders.

Accounts handled by Customer Success (and growing!)




“Our customers are the heart of our business here at SkySlope. Every day we are thinking of ways to improve their lives and businesses with our platform. My team is dedicated to seeing all onboarding and existing clients utilize SkySlope to its fullest capacity. We view each of our customers as partners and strive to be an invaluable resource to them and their brokerage.”



“When something has to get done, no one is going to do it for you. You have to be proactive and diligent. You can’t push things off or procrastinate. To be an Account Manager, you have to be a strong, autonomous individual.”



“It’s never the same day twice in Account Management. Each brokerage is diverse and every interaction is unique. From building an account from the ground up to customized monthly check-ins, we are truly and deeply obsessed with the success of our clients.”



“TheAccount Management Team is fundamental to SkySlope’s mission and values. We can tell ourselves all day that we are transforming the real estate industry and have a great company culture, but if our customers don’t know and feel that in their interactions with our team, then we’re nothing more than the proverbial tree falling in the forest. We launch and continue to manage every single one of our hundreds of accounts, taking them from not knowing how to login to SkySlope to literally running every part of their business through it. Failure is not an option — not for the employees who work at SkySlope and not for the thousands of agents and brokers who rely on us every day.”

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